In this week’s episode I am joined by Rem Bakamus. Rem was a former Zag and played on the 2017 national championship team that took on North Carolina. This year however, he got to be part of the Baylor 20-21′ National championship team and is now going to be joining Tommy Loyd at Arizona University as the director of player development. This episode is special because you will get to hear what similarities two national championship strength and conditioning programs have in common and the difficulties faced being a walk on athlete.

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Here is a list of questions I asked Rem:

  • What similarities do Baylor and Gonzaga’s S/C programs have
  • What is it being a part of a national championship team
  • What challenges do walk on athletes face
  • How to become a better player


Here’s where you can find more out about Rem Bakamus:

Instagram: @rembakamus

Twitter: @RemFifteen