Collin Henderson is an author, speaker, podcast host and mental skills trainer and he joined me on the podcast to talk about mental toughness training.

As you might know, I take my teams through an 18-week leadership program every year. They’re going to be with their teammates almost every day in all sorts of environments, so giving them leadership skills to practice during the season allows so many opportunities to practice them.

But years ago, when I first started coaching my son’s AAU team, I asked coach Mark Few some advice on being a good coach.  His response was, “If you want to be a good coach, get good players.”  A team of great players working together will always beat a team of average players.

And so that’s why I’ve been implementing mindset training with my kids during the off-season.  When they’re alone in the gym, working on their physical skills, it’s the perfect time to improve their mental skills.  And so when season rolls around and they’re back with their squad, they’ll bring to the team a better version of themself.

If you want to learn more about mental toughness training for basketball, check out my interview with Dr. Kamphoff, Finding Flow On The Basketball Court.

  • How do you define mental toughness training?
  • Can player’s train confidence?
  • What are your favorite mental toughness drills?
  • How many days a week should athletes work on their mental skills?
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