Boise State Men’s Basketball Coach, R-Jay Barsh, joined me on the podcast to share the basketball recruiting process.  Starting in 7th grade, boys become recruitable athletes and are able to communicate with Division 1 programs.

How is it possible to tell how good a 13-year old will be in college?  Do kids really need to travel to exposure camps and tournaments?  Can student athletes get discovered just by playing for their high school?  Instead of just wondering, I reached out to my long time friend, Coach Barsh.

Prior to arriving in Boise, R-Jay spent the previous seven seasons as the head coach at Southeastern University, leading them to three National Tournament appearances. In his second season, SEU reached the NAIA Fab Four, ultimately earning R-Jay a nod as a finalist for the Don Meyer National Coach of the Year Award.

But my favorite thing about R-Jay is his heart for developing and mentoring players.  You’ll hear in the interview how much thought goes into leading his players on and off the court.  Learning how they run their program will restore your faith in the importance of athletics.

Here are some of the questions I ask R-Jay:

  • When does the basketball recruiting begin?
  • At what age is it appropriate to go to an exposure tournament?
  • What qualities do you look for when recruiting?
  • Does a bad attitude prohibit you from giving a player a scholarship?

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Basketball Recruiting


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