When Gonzaga Basketball senior guard, Corey Kispert, was asked about his leadership style, he replied, “I like to lead from the middle.”

Bill Robinson is the president emeritus of Whitworth University and has written multiple books on leadership, including, “Leading People From The Middle.”  His style of leadership brings teams and organizations together by flattening the traditional hierarchal structure.

We became friends when he was doing consulting with the Hoopfest Board and he was invaluable in helping me at my first ever stint as board chair.  It was easy to see from the first time we met that Bill practices what he preaches.

Bill was kind enough to join me today to talk about leading from the middle, on and off the court.  If you want to be more impactful as a player, coach or parent, you’ll love his message. Here are some of the questions we discussed:

  • What’s the definition of leadership?
  • How can players lead from the middle?
  • Can coaches & parents lead from the middle?
  • Are kids able to become anything they want?
  • Does leadership in sport transfer to leadership in career?

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