Welcome to Episode 006: 3 Levels of Basketball Leadership.  If you want to listen to the greatest minds talk about sports nutrition, strength & conditioning and leadership for basketball, you’ve come to the right place!

Today’s podcast shares the 3 Levels of Leadership: Synergy, Sweat, Serve.  Leadership for basketball is a skill that can be taught & practiced.  Just like we teach our athletes how to progress their ball handling and shooting skills so they can be successful on the court, we must teach them to progress their leadership skills so they’ll be successful in life.

Level 1 of Leadership is SYNERGY… your ability to create relationships with teammates.

Level 2 of Leadership is SWEAT… your ability to lead by example through hard work.

Level 3 of Leadership is SERVE… your ability to tell teammates what they need to hear with love.

Here’s what you’ll learn by listening to the 3 Levels of Basketball Leadership:

  • Why you can’t be a Level 2 Leader if you don’t have relationships with teammates
  • How to implement the Think, Say, Do model of teaching leadership for basketball
  • What John Stockton does to be a Level 3 Leader
  • Why being a vocal leader can backfire if you don’t follow the leadership progression
  • How to influence your team without even stepping on the court
Basketball Leadership Levels


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