Killian Tillie’s attitude of gratitude and silky jump shot has made him a Zag legend.  His tireless work ethic helped lift Gonzaga to its first ever Final Four and National Championship game, but it’s his big smile that has made him a fan favorite.

He was named First Team All-WCC his senior year and just signed a 2-way deal with the Memphis Grizzlies.  One of my favorite basketball memories is watching Tillie make 12 consecutive 3-pointers over the course of a few games.

But what I’ll remember most about Tillie is his attitude of gratitude.  He walks around the locker room, campus, weight room and the court with a smile and he’s never too busy to give a kid or fan a high-5.

Today I picked his brain on how he prepared for the NBA draft and why he has such a positive outlook on life.  Here’s a few of the questions I asked:

  • What does it feel like to be in the zone?
  • How do you stay positive when your shots aren’t falling?
  • What are some of the life lessons your parents taught you?
  • How many shots do you get up a day
  • What is does a typical training day look like?

With gyms and fitness clubs around the world being shut down, it’s more challenging to get your workout in.  But one of my favorite quote tells us, “You can make gains, or you can make excuses… but you can’t make both.”

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attitude of gratitude