Loyalty is a skill that can be taught and practiced, just like shooting and dribbling a basketball.  The only difference is that improving an athlete’s loyalty will help them way beyond their playing days.

Are you spending time every week to help your players become better leaders?  Are you looking for new content to share with your team?  Check out this week’s podcast episode and learn how I teach players the skill of Loyalty.

Using the Think, Say, Do model, I’ve created 3 concrete ways athletes can be more loyal to the team.  My hope is that you’re able to take a couple ideas from this talk and adapt them to fit the needs of your program.

Here’s how we define Loyalty in our program:

Think: We need each other
Say: “I got you”
Do: Stand up for teammates

We spend two weeks letting our players practice standing up for their teammates, sharing inspiring stories about loyalty, and saying “I got you.”

At the completion of the module, we have players take a self-assessment so they can find out if they’re a loyal teammate.

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