Do you know how to teach enthusiasm to your basketball players?  Just like shooting, enthusiasm is a skill that needs to be coached and practiced.

In today’s episode, I share exactly how we break down our 18-week leadership system and give specifics on how we teach players to live our program’s core values.

We follow the “Think, Say, Do” system that teaches players how to be leaders by sharing research on enthusiasm, telling them concrete words to say, and providing specific actions for them to do.  This takes the guess work out of leadership.

Think: “Enthusiasm is contagious!”
Say: “Let’s go!”
Do: “Give high-5’s”

Check out this week’s episode and learn:

  • the research on enthusiasm done in the NBA with 294 players
  • why Geno Auriemma believes its more difficult to recruit enthusiastic kids
  • what my players say to be enthusiastic
  • team activities that promote enthusiasm
  • 10 questions you should ask your players about leadership
how to teach enthusiasm


Here are links to the some of the Enthusiasm videos & research I share with my teams:

Geno Auriemma NCAA interview
NBA research on enthusiasm
Monmouth Basketball highlights

If you want to learn how to teach players to be grateful, check out Episode: 040, where I share the “Think, Say, Do” model for gratitude.