Building a championship culture in the locker room is just as important as building your athlete’s body in the weight room or building your team’s offensive playbook.  Individual players don’t win championships, great teams do.

Dan Horwitz is a basketball coach turned leadership consultant who just published his first book: Help Them Up. 14 Principles To Educate, Energize & Empower Your Team To Build A Championship Culture.  The book was written specifically for basketball players and coaches and so I had to have him on the podcast to find out how we can start implementing these principles today.

Here are some of the questions I asked Dan:

  • What is a championship culture?
  • Why is physical touch so important in basketball?
  • If positive talk is an important part of culture, do head coaches have to do it?
  • How do you create a circle of trust?
  • What are common traits of championship programs?
  • What are the best team building activities?
Championship culture


Here’s where you can find out more about Dan Horwitz:



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