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Welcome to Episode 013: Boise State Basketball Team Culture w/ Leon Rice.  If you want to listen to the greatest minds in basketball talk about sports nutrition, strength & conditioning and leadership, you’ve come to the right place!

Today’s podcast is an interview with Leon Rice.  He’s the head coach of Boise State Men’s Basketball team and has written a handbook for his players called, The Unbreakable Culture.  I wanted to find out why team culture is so important to Leon that he took the time to create a book on it.

In nine seasons as head coach for the Broncos, Leon Rice has taken his teams to five postseason tournaments – including the first two at-large bids to the NCAA Tournament in school history – and won 20 or more games seven times.

He is the only Boise State head coach to amass seven 20-win seasons, the second to guide the Broncos to multiple NCAA Tournament appearances and the first to do it in his first five seasons.  Under Rice, Boise State made the NCAA Tournament as an at-large selection in both 2012-13 and 2014-15, the only such appearances in school history.

Leon shows that you can focus on winning and creating leaders at the same time.  Listen to this week’s podcast and find out…

  • Why Leon kept over 100 rejection letters that he received applying for coaching jobs.
  • How coaches should view leaving a legacy.
  • Why he calls his son who plays for him at Boise State, “12.”
  • What you should say to your kids after watching them play basketball.
  • The 5 core values that create Boise State’s team culture.
Basketball Team Culture


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