How do you improve your movement preparation routine for basketball? Today we are joined by Luka Svilar who is an author, lecturer and the Head of Physical Performance at FC Bayern Basketball in Germany.  He has a masters degree in kinesiology and in 2018, he successfully defended his PhD project called, Load Monitoring and Management in Elite Basketball.

Luka was kind enough to share his basketball textbook with me, The Essentials of Physical Performance in Elite Basketball, and I was blown away with how complete of a training guide it is.  The book covers testing, training, periodization, recovery and more , but today I picked his brain on creating a basketball-specific movement preparation routine.

If you want to learn more about preparation for basketball, check out the interview I did with physical therapist, Brian Cronin, called Prehab for Hoops.

FC Bayerns Basketball Luka Svlier


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