Today’s podcast is an interview with Pat McCloskey.  Pat serves as the Director of Training Development at 1 to 1 Fitness in Washington D.C. and helped create the Gray Institute’s Certification in Applied Functional Science. In the episode We discuss what creating the Applied Functional Science program was like and how it can be implemented in any training atmosphere.

Pat McCloskey Is a master educator at the Gray institute and is part of the GIFT Faculty. He is very educated in the realm of human movement and is able to apply his knowledge to athletes of any caliber.

  • What are the big rocks to consider when designing training programs?
  • When should coaches apply the principle of 3D?
  • How can trainers create optimal training environments for basketball players?
  • What are the biggest myths of training?

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Here’s where you can find more out about Pat McCloskey:

Team member at the Gray Institute

Director of training development at One to One fitness