Even if you’re don’t end up being a coach or going pro, you can still enjoy basketball for a lifetime.  In today’s interview, Jess Walter shares how his love of hoops has helped him as a writer.

Jess Walter is the author of nine books, most recently the national bestseller The Cold Millions and #1 New York Times bestseller, Beautiful Ruins.  His book, The Zero, was a finalist for the National Book Award; and Citizen Vince, was the winner of the Edgar Award. His work has been published in 32 languages and his short fiction has appeared three times in Best American Short Stories.

And I think you’ll love this interview because Jess shares how the same principles that helped him create a successful writing career, things like preparation, routine and hard work, are the same valuable traits he still uses to this day on the basketball court.

In addition to exploring what it looks like to play basketball for a lifetime, I asked Jess these questions:

  • How did playing basketball help your writing career?
  • How was writing helped you on the court?
  • What is your writing process like?
  • Do you believe in early specialization?
  • Why are you still playing hoops after all these years?

If you want to learn more ways to play basketball for a lifetime, check out my interview with John Stockton, where he shares his Sunday basketball routine.

Basketball for a lifetime


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