Doing the work of personal growth off the court will lead to gains on the court. 

Performance consultant, author and speaker, Brett Ledbetter joined me on the podcast to share how his work is helping players and coaches grow as people.  He focuses on character development, priority alignment, behavior management and self-awareness.

Brett has authored four books: What Drives Winning, What’s Really Important, What Drives Winning Teams and What Drives Winning Environments.  He has also given three TEDx talks: What Drives Winning, Building Your Inner Voice and How to Stop Comparing and Start Competing.

Brett currently works with several Division 1 athletic departments––including Gonzaga, Oregon, Florida and Oklahoma State to name a few––that hire him as a thinking partner for athletic directors, coaches and athletes. He also applies his high-performance training within education, military, sport and business sectors.

Gonzaga Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Lisa Fortier, also joined us to share how working with Brett has helped her create clarity in her priorities.  Gonzaga Men’s Basketball Strength Coach, Travis Knight, joined us to share how Brett has helped create his weekly Personal Growth Monday meetings with the team.  

Here are some of the questions I asked Brett:

  • What is intrinsic motivation and can you foster it?
  • What is a coach’s role in personal growth of their players?
  • How can strength coaches assist the basketball staff with development?
  • How do you handle players that don’t buy into the process?
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