Ali Kershner is the sports performance coach for Stanford’s Women’s Basketball and shares how lateral thinking has helped her and her team maximize performance.  They spent 6 weeks as the #1 ranked team in the nation until finally being knocked off this past weekend.

Ali has a master’s degree in Exercise physiology from Kansas, where she was an assistant sports performance coach.  She’s also the host of a great podcast called, Ride the Grey, which is an exploration of lateral thinking.

What’s lateral thinking you might be asking…  well, we’re gonna dig into that today, along with the pros and cons of being a specialist vs. a generalist.  Give this episode a listen and learn:

  • Why coaches should study outside their field. 
  • Why linear thinking isn’t enough.
  • How you keep players motivated.
  • A simple program adjustment that will pay big dividends

If you want to get more examples of thinking outside the box, check out my podcast with actor Eric Edelstein where he describes how basketball has helped his acting career. Episode 066: Lessons That Are Bigger Than Basketball w/ Eric Edelstein

Lateral Thinking with Stanford's Ali Kershner


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