Brett Bartholomew is a keynote speaker, performance coach & consultant, best-selling author, and Founder of Art of Coaching™. His experience includes working with athletes both in the team environment and private sector along with members of the United States Special Forces and members of Fortune 500 companies.

Brett is also a self-published, best-selling, author of Conscious Coaching: The Art & Science of Building Buy-in.

Taken together, Brett has coached a diverse range of athletes from across 23 sports worldwide, at levels ranging from youth athletes to Olympians. He’s supported numerous Super Bowl and World Series Champions, along with several professional fighters in both professional boxing as well as the UFC.

Brett was kind enough to join me on the podcast and talk about the art of coaching basketball players.  Here’s what we discussed:

  • How to define your coaching philosophy
  • Why you need to make an emotional connection with athletes
  • The different athlete archetypes and how to coach them
  • What’s wrong with coaches who look down on selling and marketing

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