Are you planning for The Dip in 2021?  If you are, you’re already ahead of the game.

On January 1, everyone is excited to start their New Years Resolution, but we know that most people won’t make it through The Dip.  Author Seth Godin defines The Dip as the long grind between starting and mastery.

When you first start something, it’s fun and exciting. It feels good when you tell people that you’re learning a new language, and people will congratulate you for starting a workout routine. Just telling people what you’re doing is rewarding.  And whatever your new thing is, it’s easy to stay engaged because it’s fresh and the progress comes fast and easy. And then The Dip happens.

I’ve experienced The Dip every single year I’ve made a commitment.  I start out the year so excited with all the new books I’ve purchased and the courses I’ve signed up for.  There’s something about buying a new book that just makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something already.

It’s the same feeling I get with buying new workout shoes.  It’s almost like putting on the new shoes and walking out of the store already makes me feel like I’ve started my workout routine.  And for me, the feeling always lasts the first month or two.  But somewhere after four months or six months or eight months, I realize that whatever I’m studying can’t be mastered in a short amount of time and I get a little discouraged.

And that’s about the time when other shiny objects start grabbing my attention.  It might be popular book that my friends are all reading or a training technique that another strength coach is using with their athletes.  It really doesn’t matter what it is, it’s just that it starts to seem a little more interesting than my commitment, or it might seem more pressing at the moment.  That’s The Dip that everyone hits and this is where almost everyone fails… but not you!  Because you know The Dip is coming.

You see, The Dip is the exact worst moment to quit.  You’ve already done so much of the hard work, and invested money and time, but you haven’t reaped the real benefit yet.  And If you can just hold on & make it through the rest of the year, it will all be worth it.  But if you quit when The Dip comes, it would’ve been better to not start at all and you would’ve saved your time and money.  Seth Godin says, if you can’t make it through the dip, don’t start.

If you want to ensure the 2021 is the most impactful year of your life, listen to this episode and follow my Top 3 Things to get you through The Dip!

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The Dip