Are you having trouble eating healthy for basketball?  Is it a struggle to eat your fruits and vegetables and still get enough calories in throughout the day?  Well, Ryan Carter can help!

Ryan is a certified Health Coach, Personal trainer, breathwork coach and registered nutritional therapist with many more specialized qualifications.

He is the founder of Live Vitae, an optimal health coaching platform, that works by educating, supporting and mentoring clients from illness to wellness or sub-par to optimal.

The approach he takes is very different from the ‘norm” nutritionists model. He incorporates the best from:

 – Nutritional therapy using a functional medicine model
 – Ancestral wisdom utilizing evolution understanding coupled with mother nature
– modern technology and biohacking interventions
– quantifiable fitness and dietary strategies. 

Ryan works across the board and is a functional generalist, not believing in a reductionist model to health coaching and beyond. He works with anyone and everyone who wants to achieve optimization and more.

Listen to this week’s episode on Eating Healthy for Hoops and learn how you can eat to be your best on and off the court.

Eating Healthy


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