Inventor, entrepreneur and the trainer of basketball trainers, Micah Lancaster, joins us on the podcast to share his system for basketball skill training.

Known as a basketball scientist, he invented the rip cone, weighted tennis ball, was the originator of the medicine basketball training methodology and created the first & only basketball footwork training system. Athletes from around the world travel to his skills lab to add moves to their toolbox.

He’s worked with NBA greats like Kyrie Irving, Victor Oladipo, and Karl Anthony towns and today I picked his brain on how high school players can maximize their practice time and become the best version of themselves.  If you want to improve the way you workout, check out this episode and learn:

  • The difference between a basketball skill training coach and a game situation coach
  • Why it’s important to progress & regress basketball movements
  • How to use tools for accountability
  • The mental skill that pros have that the average player doesn’t
basketball skill training


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