Basketball training should mirror the demands of the game.  Since players jab step in the sagittal plane, shuffle in the frontal plane and pivot in the transverse plane, the movements you do in the weight room should also be in 3D.

3D Athletes was founded in 2009 by Nate Schafer and continues its quest to elevate the way athletes train and prepare for competition.  Nate and his training facility are sought out by professional athletes and teams all over the world to level up their game.

The 3D system, based on the Gray Institute’s principles of Applied Functional Science, is designed to progressively challenge and enhance movement as it relates to sport and competition.

In today’s episode, Nate shares his thought process on 3D basketball training.  Listen and learn…

  • Why you need to combine mobility and stability training
  • How to program traditional movements with 3D movements
  • Nate’s favorite tools to train basketball players
  • The 3D vertical jump progression
basketball training


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