Want to increase vertical jump for basketball?  Skeptical of the claims of adding 8-12 inches to your jump height in only 6 weeks?  Listen to this week’s podcast and get the truth about how to jump higher from an expert in basketball performance training.

Dr. Ramsey Nijem is Men’s Basketball Director of Sports Performance at the university of Kansas.  They finished the year ranked number 1 in the nation, pushing my Zags into the number 2 spot in all the polls… but I won’t hold that against him.

Before coming to Kansas, Ramsey was the NBA youngest head strength & conditioning coach, working with the Sacramento Kings for 5 years.  He earned his doctorate of science in human & sports performance in 2018 after completing his masters of science & sport performance in 2013.

With all of his formal education and real world basketball experience, I wanted to pick his brain on how to increase vertical jump for basketball players.  Like you, I’ve seen countless jump programs online and so I wanted to hear from an expert on the best way to increase vertical.

Listen to Dr. Ramsey Nijem and learn:

  • The biggest myths of increasing vertical
  • Why you need to train your brakes before stepping on the gas
  • How to teach jump mechanics
  • The best exercises for jumping higher
  • What to do if you have knee pain
Increase vertical jump


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