Do you want to be the story that inspires people or just another statistic showing that the odds are stacked against playing at the next level?

In just 5 years, Dre Baldwin went from his high school team’s bench to a 9-year professional basketball career. At the same time, Dre built a content publishing empire.

Blogging since 2005 and publishing videos to YouTube starting in 2006, Dre has published over 7,000 videos with his content being viewed over 73 million times. Dre’s daily Work On Your Game Podcast has over 3 million listeners.

Dre has given 4 TED Talks and authored 27 books.  He joined me today to talk about overcoming failure and how to become a story instead of just becoming a statistic.  Give this episode a listen and learn:

  • What failure really means
  • How discipline can change your world
  • The biggest mistakes high school players are making
  • Advice on how to play professionally overseas
  • Why should never quit
become a story or a statistic


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