We can’t prevent injuries on the basketball court.  If we could, Klay Thompson wouldn’t have torn his ACL or Kevin Durant wouldn’t have torn his Achilles tendon.  But there are a lot of things we can do to reduce the chance of getting hurt.

Ashleigh Beaver is the Head Sports Performance Coach for Duke Women’s Basketball and joined me on the podcast to share her philosophy on building injury and fatigue-resistant players.

She coaches out of the Krzyzewski Center weight room and practice court facilities where her responsibilities encompass all avenues athletic development. Her main duties include overall strength development, first step quickness, change of direction, maximal recovery and individualized programming for each member of the Lady Blue Devils.

In today’s podcast we cover:

  • How Duke structures their mobility program
  • When they wear ankle braces
  • How she views landing mechanics
  • Why nutrition is crucial for recovering from injury
fatigue resistant athletes


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