Travis Knight is a master at creating learning environments in the weight room.  He’s got a unique perspective on basketball strength & conditioning, combining complex systems and motor learning theory with vision and mindset training.

Travis and I were classmates at Gonzaga back in the 90’s and have worked together professionally since 2006.  He’s currently the strength & conditioning coach for the GU Men’s Basketball team and has done an incredible job working side by side with Mark Few to build strong, intrinsically motivated players.

Travis’ training methods are outside the box but are rooted in the best of science.  Instead of focusing on sets and reps, he pours his energy into creating learning environments in the weight room.  He sat down to explain why:

  • Mental toughness is misunderstood
  • Play is so important
  • You can’t train strength without coordination
  • Variability is a core principle in program design
  • He trains personal growth every Monday
learning environments


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