The Black Lives Matter Movement needs all of us to contribute our unique talents and leadership so that we can heal our world.  While I don’t have an answer of how to do this, I do have a leadership framework that might be useful in helping take action.

I’ve taken the 3 Levels Of Leadership and highlighted three actions that we can take to become a better leader in the Black Lives Matter Movement.  By practicing the leadership traits of Listen, Learn and Teach, you can become your best and help others do the same.

Here are some highlights of Leadership For The Black Lives Matter Movement:

  • Learn how to improve your listening through S.L.A.N.T.
  • Find out my favorite Martin Luther King, Jr. speech
  • Discover your level of leadership
  • Hear my thoughts on the questions, “How can I help?”
Leadership For Black Lives Matter


S – Sit up or stand up
L – Listen, not just hear
A – Ask clarifying questions
N – Nod when you understand
T – Track the speaker with your eyes

Click the link below to watch MLK’s speech, “Love Your Enemies.”

Love Your Enemies, November 17, 1957