Welcome to Episode 031: NBA Life Optimization with David Nurse.  If you want to listen to the greatest minds in basketball talk about sports nutrition, strength & conditioning and leadership, you’ve come to the right place!

Today’s podcast is an interview with David Nurse. He’s an NBA Life Optimization & Shooting Coach that has worked with Lonzo Ball, Jeremy Lin, Kyle Korver and many others throughout the basketball industry.

He was kind enough to give me early access to his new book, Pivot & Go.  It’s a 29-day road map to help improve you mindset and lifestyle so you can be the best version of yourself.

We sat down and discussed how mindset is the key to unlocking your potential.  Listen to this episode and find out…

  • Why 17 seconds is a magic amount of time
  • Where David played against the best team in the world
  • Why the 80/20 rule shouldn’t apply to the important things in life
  • How to schedule your bedtime routine
  • What David’s uncle did to win the NBA Championship
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Here’s where you can find more out about David Nurse:

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