Welcome to Episode 021: How To Lead On The Basketball Court with Adam Bradley.

Adam is an entrepreneur, entrepreneur, speaker & coach.  He is one of the original founders of the Hardwood Hustle platform and has spent the past 3-years utilizing the podcast and it’s reach to pour into coaches & players across the country.

In 2015 Adam launched the nationally recognized leadership program Lead ‘Em Up, that provides coaches an engaging & cutting edge curriculum they can use with their players.

Having a heart to give back to his local community, Adam serves as a mentor to many youth programs & schools in the Baltimore/Washington market.  In addition, Adam is the Director of one of the largest charitable golf tournaments in Maryland, the Bradley Open and is a regular speaker at his home church, Journey’s Crossing.

Today’s episode is all about creating better leaders on the basketball court.  Here’s a quick overview of our conversation:

  • Why leading by example isn’t enough
  • How to turn, “we’re cool” into, “that’s my guy”
  • Why coaches should encourage mistakes
  • Are leaders created or born?
  • How basketball leadership is unique from football, baseball or soccer leadership
How to lead on the basketball court


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