Jump Higher Off One Foot

In college I was a two-footed jumper. It was easy to do a reverse, tomahawk, or 360 slam dunk off two feet, but when doing single leg jumps, I could barely do a rub dunk.  If I was going to be an effective slasher, I needed to jump higher off one foot!

After reviewing my training program, it was obvious why: All my plyometrics were performed off two feet! The principle of specificity states that what you practice improves.

So for all you two-footed jumpers, here’s a single leg jumping exercise progression to get you to jump higher off one foot.  

Jumping requires coordination and timing. The more your training program mimics basketball movements, the more transfer you’ll get onto the court.

If you practice jumping off two feet, you’ll get better at jumping off two feet.  If you practice single leg jumping exercises, you’ll jump higher off one foot.

Another aspect to consider is what your upper body is doing.  We all know that jumping with a basketball is a lot different than jumping without one. Using a medicine ball coordinates your upper and lower body while providing resistance to increase power.    

Here’s a quick video of my favorite single leg jumping progression:



Choose a box height that is challenging but still allows you to have hang time. If the box is too high, the drill turns into a step up.  

I suggest an 18″ box for most athletes.  If you have serious hops, you might want to try a 24″ box.  

Jump Higher Off One Foot box

If you’re looking to purchase a box, the REP 3-in-1 Box is a great option.  Depending on the size box your purchase, it can act as an 20″, 24″ & 30″ box, all in one.

I love it because it has soft edges.  If you’ve ever missed a jump and hit your shin on a metal or wood box, you know what I’m talking about.

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If the weight is too light, it won’t stress your muscles. If the weight is too heavy, the ball moves slowly and you won’t increase power.  

Jump higher off one foot with med balls

I suggest an 8 lb. ball if you can dunk, and a 6 lb. ball if you can’t.  

The TRX Slam Ball is a great option because it’s versatile and durable.  My program design includes med balls in almost every workout.

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Stop wishing you could jump higher… Dreams only come true when you wake up and go to work! 

Add these single leg jumping exercises into your program you’ll be jumping higher off one foot.  

Before you start your training program, I suggest measuring your vertical leap and then tracking your improvement over time.  If you want to learn what I do with my players, check out the article, The Magic Of A Goal Map.

If you want to see more basketball-specific jumping videos, click here to visit our YouTube channel