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Most of us want to become better leaders, but few of us know how.  We’re left trying to figure it out by watching NBA players who might not be great examples.  This is crazy because basketball is a perfect way to teach life skills and so we should be spending time at every practice to teach our players how to be successful on and off the court.  

Just like there’s a progression to teaching ball handling and shooting, there’s a logical sequence to creating great leaders.  I’ve developed a curriculum to allow players to be their best on the court, in the classroom and in our communities.  These are the same lessons I use with my college athletes, as well as my kid’s basketball teams.  


How Do You Teach Leadership?


I designed the 3 Levels Of Leadership to be a road map for basketball players who want a logical progression for becoming their best.

Just like a video game, you must pass Level 1 before you can be a Level 2 Leader.  And the only way to be a Level 3 Leader is to master the qualities of the other 2 levels.


Creating SYNERGY with teammates is the first level of leadership, and also the most important.

It’s impossible to be a leader without the respect of your peers.  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Level 1 leaders influence their team by creating energy at practice, in the locker room and on the bench.

Qualities of a Level 1 Leader include Gratitude, Enthusiasm and Loyalty.


Once you’ve created a relationship with your teammates, you’ve earned the right to be a Level 2 Leader, which is your ability to SWEAT.  This means you work hard and lead by example.

Qualities of a Level 2 Leader include Grit, Self Control and Growth Mindset.

I used to think Level 2 was the highest form of leadership, but the problem with leading by example is that it only works if people are watching.

What I’ve found is that the players who need the most help are usually not looking for it.  That’s why we need the Level 3 Leader.


Level 3 Leaders SERVE their teammates by telling them what they need to hear with love.

They hold players accountable and take ownership of their program.

Qualities of a Level 3 Leader include Vision, Accountability and Ownership.

Remember, you can’t be a Level 3 Leader if you haven’t mastered Level 1 & 2. There’s nothing more harmful than a lazy player calling out another teammate for not working hard.

Leadership Basketball Habits

What is The Leadership Commitment?


We are what we think, say and do.  We are our thoughts, words and actions.

Players need to understand the research on leadership and hear inspirational stories of humble leaders.

They need to speak the language of leadership so they can effectively communicate with their team.

We all need to take action and live a life of servant leadership.

The weekly leadership lessons teach players what to think and say, while the daily 5-minute ball handling workouts allows players to practice leading by example.


If you want to be a good basketball player, you need to know the language of basketball.  You can’t play high-level hoops if you don’t know what a pick & roll, give & go and backdoor cuts are.

And you can’t  be a good leader if you don’t know the language of leadership.

The Leadership Commitment teaches players the words and actions of great leaders.  Every week you’ll hear inspirational stories and learn a new way to become a leader on and off the court.


If you want to be a great at assisting and serving your teammates, you must be a good ball handler.

When you don’t feel confident handling the rock, you won’t keep your eyes up to see your teammates cutting to the basket.

The Leadership Commitment provides 5-minute ball handling routines where you can workout side-by-side with a professional basketball player.

Here’s an overview of how the Leadership Commitment works:


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